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        1. 【醫院簡訊】MD 安德森癌癥中心腫瘤護理理念分享會順利在我院舉行

          發布時間 2019.06.21

          2019 年 6 月 14 日下午, MD 安德森癌癥中心網絡項目與運營執行總監 Dr. Cynthia  Powers 在我院籌建辦公室,通過現場會議聯動線上會議,與來自中山大學孫逸仙醫院、中山大學腫瘤防治中心、廣州醫科大學附屬腫瘤醫院、福建省腫瘤醫院及泰和誠控股美中嘉和醫院管理集團旗下北京質子治療中心、上海美中嘉和腫瘤門診部、大同美中嘉和腫瘤醫院等多家醫院近 100 名護理人員進行了 MD 安德森癌癥中心護理經驗分享。

          Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (GCCC) was pleased to have invited Dr. Cynthia Powers, Executive Director of Projects & Operations for MD Anderson Cancer Network?, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, to share a talk on MD Anderson’s oncology nursing practice on the afternoon of June 14 at GCCC’s city office. The said event welcomed a participation of nearly a hundred participants onsite and online, including nurses, medical professionals and healthcare administrators from Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital, Cancer Center of Guangzhou Medical University, Fujian Cancer Hospital, and Concord Medical Group.

          首先,我院聯席院長 Dr. Matthew Callister 致開幕詞,并向與會護理人員介紹 Dr. Cynthia  Powers。

          At the start of the talk, Dr. Matthew Callister, Co-President of GCCC, delivered an opening speech and introduced Dr. Cynthia  Powers to the audience.

          聯席院長 Dr. Matthew Callister 致開幕詞

          隨后,Dr. Powers 從腫瘤護理的重要性、護理理念、多學科腫瘤診療與護理模式、MD 安德森護理人員職業發展等方面和大家分享了她在 MD 安德森癌癥中心的經驗與心得。

          During the talk, Dr. Powers shared multiple aspects of the nursing experience at MD Anderson, including the importance of oncology nursing, the nursing philosophy, multidisciplinary oncology care, and nursing career development.

          Dr. Powers 和大家分享她在 MD 安德森癌癥中心的經驗

          Dr. Powers 分享 MD 安德森的護理理念是基于中心的核心價值觀——關愛、真誠、探索。腫瘤護理在關注患者疾病管理的同時,還應關注患者罹患腫瘤后所面對的其他問題,如社會心理問題、家庭問題、財務問題等,以幫助患者積極對待疾病。

          Dr. Powers discussed MD Anderson’s core values of caring, integrity and discovery are incorporated into nursing care and nursing philosophy. Oncology nursing care focuses on cancer patient management to include psychosocial needs, family, finance, and other to better assist patients during their cancer journey.

          MD 安德森癌癥中心希望通過持續的護理教育和研究、循證臨床實踐、以及每一位護理人員的努力,為患者及其家屬提供高標準的健康護理模式。為了打造這一模式,MD 安德森癌癥中心已經建立起一個現代化、科學化的護理人才教育體系,其教育內容涵蓋護理專業技能、溝通技能、發現問題及解決問題技能、財務管理技能等。 

          MD Anderson hopes to provide patients and their families with a high-quality cancer care through ongoing nursing education and research, evidence-based clinical practices, and the efforts of every caregiver. To achieve this goal, MD Anderson has established a modern and scientific nursing talent cultivation system, mainly focusing on nursing skills, communication skills, abilities to find and solve problems, and financial management skills of nursing staff.


          The talk was organized by the Human Resource Department of GCCC, aiming to provide a learning exchange platform for those who are interested in international nursing. A series of other sharing sessions on international oncology care will be held in the future. Keep on following us!

          Dr. Cynthia A. Powers, DNP, MS, RN,  MD 安德森癌癥中心網絡項目與運營執行總監

          2003 年加入 MD 安德森癌癥中心,現今擔任中心網絡項目與運營執行總監,為美國與境外合作伙伴與認證成員提供質量、安全與效率等方面的指導與監督。在此之前,Dr. Powers 曾擔任中心臨床運營標準化、項目管理和支持部總監,負責實施臨床優化和質量改進項目,以提高臨床療效與患者體驗。

          Dr. Powers joined MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2003 and currently serves as the Executive Director of Projects & Operations for the Cancer Network, providing quality, efficiency and safety direction and oversight of designated partner and certified member sites in U.S and abroad. Before joining the Cancer Network, Dr. Powers served as MD Anderson’s Clinical Operations Standardization, Projects & Support Director, responsible for clinical transformational projects and quality improvement programs aimed at enhancing clinical and process outcomes, optimizing efficiency, the patient experience, and patient outcomes.


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